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25 Million Gmail Users Email Addresses / Gmail Email Addresses or Gmail Email List


We now have a huge list of Gmail email addresses. A gmail email list is a good list to use for your email campaigns because a gmail email address usually never goes bad. For example, you know how an email list can have a high bounce rate. A Gmail users email list usually has about 98% delivery rate or more. That's why a Gmail email address list is valuable thing to buy for your campaign. We are continually receiving fresh email lists. A lot of the email address lists we receive are large, like the Gmail email addresses list. Our Gmail Email Addresses List is over 25 million in number. We recently acquired this huge list of gmail users and you can buy them for your marketing needs. Our gmail email address list or gmail email accounts are fresh and if used for a marketing campaign will yield a high rate of response. The list has been pinged and tested to be valid. In our Gmail users email list all the email addresses are valid and will respond to your marketing offers if they find it interesting.


It is great to select specific domain email lists sometimes, like a list with only domains for example. One of the benefits of selecting a Gmail email address list will be that your mail server can focus on connecting only to one server. That will be the gmail server. This will help speed up the mailing because your smtp server will only have to connect to the gmail server only once and can then sit there and continue to send out the millions of emails until the send campaign is complete. In many cases when you are sending out emails to a large email list like the Gmail users email list, its a good idea to send out the emails slowly. This will help your delivery rate because when you send out the emails slowly to the Gmail Email Addresses it will greatly avoid being filtered off as spam and this will increase your delivery rate. An increase in delivery rate to the Gmail email accounts will be high sales and signups from what you are marketing.


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Over 150 Million Fresh Data With Emails Just Landed


We just received a huge set of data with complete consumer details and email addresses included. The data we received is over 150 million! So this huge set of database files in excel covers all Business and consumer sectors and includes all target criteria that you might need. We have a large database of registered voters in USA which political candidates can use for their political campaigns. A presidential candidate in USA can use our 50 million US registered voters list do do their campaigns. We have US businesses databases with emails available. Our American businesses database contains CEO email list and CFO email list as well as many other targeted career specifications and business type specifications. From our US Businesses data you can get data that has been broken down to meet your target criteria. We have up to 30 million for US businesses in our database. We also have gamblers email list world wide. It is really a gambling database in excel files that contains more than the email addresses. Our gambling database is broken down by country so you can choose which countries you need for the gambling email campaign or casino email blast. We also have a lot of data for consumer credit report data. We have millions of full data on consumers that have credit report. With a data like this, you can reach a lot of consumers and with the data in the files a loan provider can choose the type of credit consumers you want to reach. With our Credit consumer email list with full details or Credit inquiry data you can reach up to 32 million US consumers. In the excel files that contain these credit consumers from experian and equifax, you can see a lot of data on each consumer. You can see the consumers full name, the consumers street address, the credit consumers credit score, the credit consumers net worth, the equifax consumers credit rating, the experian credit consumers ethnicity, the credit consumers phone numbers and so on. Please click here to read more on our many quality businesses and consumer data.



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