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Ten tips to boost up your email marketing and get the most out of a Mass Email LIst





It is good if you are planning to start an email marketing campaign using your own
mass email list and want to get the most out of that. You don’t want the email marketing to sound like spam and want it to be quite effective. Also you don’t want to read a hundred “how to” guides and know how to do this quickly. If that is the case, remember, you need to review some vital points and ensure your emails sound good and positive to the reader. If you are entirely new to the concept of email marketing then you ought to know the basics and do some research on that topic first. Here are some important tips that you should never overlook before starting your first email marketing campaign.


Top ten tips for a successful email campaign using mass email list:


  1. Make sure everyone on your mass email list MUST be opted in subscribers. When we insist on “must” the importance is clearly understood.   If you intend to send messages unsolicited then it will be clearly marked as spam and your campaign will be stamped with the dreaded “spam” label. This will directly affect your mass email deliverability and the reputation of your business. Hence always use only opt-in subscribers to avoid all this. Include a simple way for the subscribers to opt in to your email marketing newsletters on every email that you send. This is one of the best ways to create a mass email list.
  2. Also you should be quite familiar with the regulations for email marketing and always try to stick to the rules. If you are not following the spam guidelines and the laws pertaining to the countries that you send the emails to, then there is no use in the mass email list you are using. The mails will go nowhere and you will be left with nothing, than the “spam” label.
  3. The subject line of the newsletter should be catchy and at the same time straightforward too. Try to avoid spam words as much as possible. If you are using an email marketing service for your mass email list, they will automatically take out the spam words mentioned in the subject line or intimate you about that. You want to make the subscriber intrigued by what you send. Some catchy subject lines like” top 5 reasons to buy a car” and “the best cheeseburger recipe on the web” are sure to attract the attention of viewers. Always try to avoid words like “Cash” or “Free” in your subject line and never ever put the subject line in “CAPITALS”. Also a recent study has proved that subscribers always tend to look for emails that are straight forward. If you intend to give a discount of 25% to those who sign up for the newsletter then you should put it in such a way the reader knows about that in one glance.
  4. In many cases, short email newsletters gain a lot of attention. This will boost up the number of contacts in your mass email list. Most of the subscribers always skim longer emails and hence keep your emails up to the point. If you want to give a lot of information, you can easily give links to your blog or press releases that are important.
  5. Avoid using a lot of images and graphics while sending emails using your mass email list. A lot many of them will make your emails quite slow and the loading time will become slow too. Also most of the subscribers do not allow image downloading. To avoid this you can use an email marketing program that automatically formats the email according to the user.
  6. If you need the email marketing of your mass email list to perform well, then you must add calls to action. A call to action is nothing but encouraging your subscriber to sign up or purchase an item from you. After all, this is your intended purpose of the email marketing campaign. Some commonly used call to action statements are “click here to sign up”, “purchase now”, and so on. It is good to add these more than once in the email. This will grab the attention of the readers and one out of ten will certainly respond to that.
  7. It is also good to offer certain discounts and offers to people who sign up from your mass email list. It is a must that you should intimate them about this. In such cases, you should give them certain coupon codes, or deals using which they can get those mentioned offers. This will certainly give a good response for the email marketing.
  8. Also ensure that every email that you send using your mass email list is optimized for mobile phones. The main reason for this is a huge majority of people view their emails only using mobile phones and if your email newsletter is not optimized for that, and then there is a great chance of alienating the subscribers.
  9. Test! Test! Test. Before you start your email marketing campaign for the mass email list, always test it beforehand.  Check for the spelling mistakes, and the way how it is displayed on tablets, mobile phones, and different browsers.
  10. Your email marketing campaign using your mass email list does not end with sending one lot. You should analyze the effects of that. Check for the bounce messages and the reasons for that. Ensure you are not doing any of the mistakes that you have done in the first campaign. Also if you are a using an email marketing service for your mass email list, you will get a good work chart about the performance of the campaign. You can know who opted out and who chose to receive your newsletters. Based on this you can plan your next campaign using a different mass email list that may turn out to be a big hit!




By strictly adhering to these rules and tips any email marketing campaign is sure to get a good result and the performance can be easily measured too. If you have a good mass email list then it is good to check for these tips and make sure you get the most out of your efforts.




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