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Top reasons why you should choose a mass email service




Introduction to Mass Email Service:

In recent days, mass email service has become one of the powerful marketing tools for developing and communicating with people and building relationships. But, this can be powerful only when it is done right. Why is that so? Your standard email account, for eg,”outlook”, “ Hotmail”, “Gmail”, and so  on are not designed for email marketing and therefore they have significant limitations that can undermine your email marketing efforts.
You have good news now. You need not have to do it alone. There are many web-based email marketing services that are quite inexpensive for the user and you can choose the best mass email service that suits your needs. What more, they are very simple too. By finding the right mass email service, you can easily avoid the common mistakes of this and get the most out of your email marketing efforts.
Here are some top reasons you need a mass email service. Critically speaking, these are some of the reasons that you cannot get out of your standard email account.

The best mass email service providers:


Are Approved:


Many ISPs and email accounts limit the number of emails sent from them. The main reason for this is most of the emails are accounted as spam. Legitimate mass email services have a strong relationship with the ISPs and they are approved to send bulk emails. In many cases, where your email address is listed in both the “from” and “to”, you can easily understand that it is being sent from a mass email service that is recognized by the ISP.


Are professional:


Mistakes are common and they often happen for those who use “Outlook” or other email accounts. Perhaps, one of the most common mistakes that most people do is, exposing your client base, by adding them all to the “To” field. This in turn, violates the confidentiality of your members and clients; above all you will be sharing the valuable contact details without your knowledge. In addition to this, many people fail to give an unsubscribe link, which is totally against the law. This is not the case with mass email service. They automatically provide an unsubscribe link that takes effect immediately and in most cases require a physical address to be included in every email. Apart from this, a good and reputed mass email service provider educates you with frequent newsletters, tutorials, and so on about the best email marketing practices. Some of the topics that are often covered in this are the best days to send emails, how to formulate a good subject line, and so on.


Provide hosting and management of the email lists:


Normally, a mass email service hosts your email marketing lists and in many cases, performs some critical list management functions that are quite vital. Some of the notable functions are, sign up forms for new users, editing capabilities for subscribers, and above all the ability to unsubscribe from the news campaign. The last one is something very important because as per the law you are required to give an unsubscribe link and this alone is very critical for a successful email marketing. In addition to this, most of the mass email service handle the bounced emails too. Think of a situation where you see a lot of emails bounced back to your inbox. You will be totally frustrated on seeing this. An email marketing service will professionally handle such bounces by giving you a complete list up on the nature of the bounce. This is not quite possible with your standard email account.


No technical skill required:


An email marketing service can practically save you a lot of time and energy when compared to your normal email account. Especially you need not have any kind of technical skill while using this service. The bandwidth and the technology used are purely inbuilt and you need not worry about all these hi-tech stuff. Some services even provide you with html templates to send your emails, giving you total peace of mind. Most of the mass email services are free of cost, and they even provide ongoing support that is free too.




Normally, a mass email service handles the formatting of the emails sent. This means in many cases, your subscribers receive the emails in the right format. In comparison to this, while sending emails through your normal email account you cannot ascertain which format your subscriber receives. If you are planning to send emails in HTML then some subscribers who receive it in plain text will get it gibberish and they can’t read it too. In some cases, the size of your email may exceed the requirements and it will not be delivered at all. If you plan all this and send only as plain text, you may miss out on response rate.


Great email templates:


It is not always possible to create email templates if your knowledge on HTML is zero. In such a situation, using mail service providers will be the best option. Some email templates are very ravishing that the response rate will be quite high in such cases. Moreover, these templates are already formatted and all that you have to do is to just align your content accordingly. You can edit the fonts, add your company logo, make some itsy-bitsy changes and make the email newsletter very professional for the mass email blast. For those who are tech savvy, there are many services that allow customization of the templates using HTML or XHTML.


Higher delivery rate:


Professional and good email marketing services always maintain a strict permission policy and have a close relationship with the ISPs to ensure maximum delivery of your emails. In addition to this, an email marketing service monitors the traffic of emails and ensures all the ISPs and domains pertaining to corporate accept your emails without any fault. This is not possible at all with your normal email account. In many cases, ISPs will simple drop your emails and you will not get any confirmation if your email is bounced.  While using a proper mass email service you can know about the delivery rate too.


In conclusion, it is always better to rely on email marketing services rather than using your own email account. If you want to accumulate all these points into one, the major benefit that you get out of is you can save enough time and money too! Some services offer you these services at an affordable cost. What more do you need?


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